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I was expecting *directory* merge

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  • I was expecting *directory* merge

    I've been using Beyond Compare 1.9f, because it still works as well for me as it did years ago, and has features that are handier than kdiff3.

    The main reason for buying the newest version was the merge capability. I am sorely disappointed that it is file-level only. Having to specify all three files defeats the use of this automated tool.

    Yes, I realize the initial tree search will be thrice as long as the normal tree compare. Better the computer do it than I have to do it in my head.

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    Unfortunately, we do not currently have a 3-way Folder Merge session type. Our Text Merge session can be called by selecting multiple files from within Beyond Compare, the shell extension, or directly from the Version Control system:

    A 3way Folder Merge session type is on our to do list for a future version.
    Aaron P Scooter Software