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  • Pause and continue a merge

    I am looking for a way to save during a 3-way merge session and continue merging those files at a later point in time.
    I have to merge very long textfiles and sometimes it is necessary to continue the next day.
    So far I have found out that the output file is generated anew each time I open the session. I guess the only way to pause and continue a merge is to write down on which line in each file I stopped merging, save my output file and the next time I continue I have to copy all the lines in my saved output file to the newly merged file in BC. Then I have to check if everything worked out, setting up the views of the files to merge around the lines I written down and continue.

    This process seems so odd to me. Maybe I don't know what to search for but I would expect to be able to save the current state of my merge within the session, so the next time I open it I am directly placed on the line from which to continue (the last solved conflict or a line I marked to continue from).

    I searched the forum using these terms:
    save during a merge
    save a merge
    pause a merge
    continue a merge

    But nothing useful turned up.
    Does nobody else have this problem?
    Does this post turn out to be a feature request?

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    A three-way merge session is intended to merge two files that have a common ancestor. Behind the scenes all of the changes between the common ancestor and both version of the file are applied to a copy of the common ancestor resulting in a new file that has both sets of changes. The only manual intervention that should be required is to resolve conflicts when the two versions of the original file have conflicting changes in the same section of each file.

    It sounds like what you really need is a three-way file compare session where you can open the same three files repeatedly and manually "merge" changes into one or more of the files. This has been discussed and requested by users on several occasions since BC3 was released. I believe it is on the infamous customer wish list.

    BC v4.0.7 build 19761