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Compare with snapshot then compare with file

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  • Compare with snapshot then compare with file

    I have a way I would like to try using BC3 but not sure if its possible.

    I have a working directory that I am modifying code in. I periodically unzip a new copy of our source library's version of our code (so i can move up to later code tree). I create a snapshot from the new version of code and compare it with the existing tree. I then would like to compare diffs with the new tree
    (guess I could have compared the old tree to new tree to start with). I don't see a way to compare the diffs with the menu options offered. basically the idea is compare to trees (or a snap on one side) then compare just the diffs to an 3rd tree (sometimes).

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    This sounds a bit like a 3-way folder merge. It's on our list for a future version of Beyond Compare, but it's a ways off for now.

    For now, you'll probably probably have to do 2 two-way comparisons.

    1. Compare working copy to updated source library version of code. Merge the updates into your working copy.

    2. Merge changes from new code in your local repository into your working copy.
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      If you need to compare three folder structures against each other, you might find this post useful:

      3-way Folder comparison - HomeBrew solution
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761