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    Beyond Compare does a good job of highlighting the differences between the same line in 2 text files, and I have found how to navigate to the next difference using <ctrl><shift>n and back to the previous using <ctrl><shift>p.

    My problem is that I now need to copy some but not all of these intra-line differences across to the other file, and it's a BIG text file.

    Just as <ctrl>n moves to the next difference section, and <ctrl><shift>n moves to the next difference within a section, I'm looking for a command (<ctrl><shift>r) that copies a single difference (or a set of selected differences), rather than <ctrl>r, which copies the whole section.

    Does such a command exist? If not, I would like to suggest it as a feature.


    PS Disclaimer: I have looked through the manual and the help, and searched the forums, but was unable to find anything that might help.

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    Hi Adam,

    Are you using the 3-way Text Merge or the 2-way Text Compare?

    If you're using the Text Merge:
    The "Edit > Take Left Line (Shift+Ctrl+L)" command will take a single line. There are also "Edit > Take Center Line" and "Edit > Take Right Line" commands.

    You can also select lines, then use the Control+R or Control+L to take just the selected lines instead of the entire section. Using Shift+Up Arrow or Shift+Down Arrow is a good way to select lines with the keyboard.

    If you're using a mouse, selecting lines will change the copy buttons from "Take right section" to "take right line(s)".

    If you're using the Text Compare, controls are similar. If no lines are selected, BC will copy entire sections of differences. If you select lines, then it will only copy the selection.

    You can also use the Control+Shift+R or Control+Shift+L keyboard shortcuts to limit the copy to the current or selected line(s).
    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I believe you missed the whole point of the original post. When there are multiple changes in a single (potentially very long) line and the user is using the browse control with the "Browse by Difference" option, BC3 will move from one difference to the next in the same (potentially very long) line. When browsing by difference, it would be helpful to be able to move just the current difference to the other side instead of the entire line. Currently the user must manually edit the other side if they want to merge some, but not all, of the differences in a single (potentially very long) line. I too have wished for this feature many times.

      While the original user was wanting a keyboard shortcut to perform the partial merge operation, I would also request a way to do it with the mouse...possibly selecting the difference then selecting a "Merge difference" option from the right-click context menu.
      BC v4.0.7 build 19761


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        Hi guys,

        Thanks for both of your replies. Michael, you hit the nail on the head, that's exactly what I am looking for.

        Seeing as the software can already identify and highlight differences within a (very long) line, I believe it should be possible to copy just the current difference across to the other side, rather than the whole line.




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          Thanks for the clarification. BC doesn't provide a way to copy a subset of differences within a single line between sides. This is on our wish list for a future release.

          In the current version, you can only copy portions of a line using copy and paste.
          Chris K Scooter Software