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Merge panel ordering / swapping

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  • Merge panel ordering / swapping

    I performed my first merge today with trial BC3.

    Is there a way to arbitrarily order the panels at run time?

    I notice the middle panel by default is the 'Base' or common ancestor. This often makes sense, but I find it is more logical to layout panels:

    Base -> Mine -> Theirs

    This way Mine and Theirs are side by side, which I find is the more relevant change set.

    I see the 'Swap sides' button switches the Left and Right panels but I could find no way to swap the panel order more flexibly.

    The hide middle panel was a nice work around, finally putting Left and Right side by side, but I'd still like the base visible.

    Perhaps the command line parameter order can change this? Even so, I'd still like to modify the window order at run time.

    This issue may relate to old suggestion:

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    Thanks for the suggestion. We do have an open Customer Wishlist entry on the subject, and I've added your notes to it. It is something we would like to look into, but isn't supported in the current version of BC3. The ancestor is always in the center (which has a toggle to hide/show it).

    Thanks for the feedback. If you have any other suggestions or questions, please do let us know.
    Aaron P Scooter Software