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Merge file ordering / swapping

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  • Merge file ordering / swapping

    I would like to see a feature which allows ordering / swapping of files between left, right, and center in 3 way merge.

    There is already Swap Sides toolbar command, but it does not give all of the desired functionality. Maybe create another toolbar button for rotating files from left to center, from center to right, and from right to left in one click. This button could be used with Swap Sides to achieve full control of the files quickly. And yes, I know there is a dropdown arrow for selecting a file for each panel individually, but I think it takes too many steps to do it.

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    You would like to swap just for display purposes, correct? To clarify, the center column is currently always the ancestor of the merge, and you would like to reorder the display but not the comparison logic.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I am also missing this feature. We have the following scenario all the time: we need to take a change and merge it into another (older) file.

      So we have to do this:
      - compare the two files.
      - switch to merge. Now we have base in left and changed in right.
      - move base file name from left to center
      - move changed file name from right to left
      - add the file name to modify to right and bottom

      As I see it, having a 3-way merge where base is on the left and changed is on the right is useless, therefore, having an extra "Swap sides" button to do this would be great.


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        Thanks for the example. I'll add these notes to our entry on the subject.
        Aaron P Scooter Software