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3 Way Text Merge for PDF

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  • 3 Way Text Merge for PDF

    Hi ,

    I am new to BC.

    I have two compare two sets of PDFs.
    Left side has 3 PDFs and Right side has 2 PDFs.

    I have to merge 3 left side files in to one single PDF(Final Left side PDF) and 2 right side files in to one single PDF(Final Right side PDF).

    Then compare the "Final Left side PDF" and "Final Right side PDF".

    is this feasible using BC and can be done using BC scripting also ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Merge three PDFs


    Can i merge 3 PDFs in to one PDF and then compare the merged PDF with another PDF ?

    we have this as requirement for our E2E report testing .



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      Our conversion process allows us to open and compare PDF files, but we do not support the ability to save as a PDF. Because of this, you cannot make edits in either the two-way Text Compare session, or the 3-way Text Merge session (BC3 Pro only).

      You can disable the option that prevents you from editing, but please be careful not to use the Save command, as this will overwrite your PDF with a plain text file. This option is in the Tools menu -> File Formats, Conversion tab, and below the command line conversion is the option to Disable Editing. Once disabled, this would allow you to Save As a plain text file after copying text from one side to the other in the Text Compare, or merging into the common pane in the Text Merge session.

      Also, the basic 3-way merge logic assumes that the center pane is a common ancestor of the other two files. If this is not the case, the merge may not merge as well as you expect and you may be better off using multiple Text Compare passes between two files.

      **I strongly recommend testing with backed up or test pdf files, just in case you accidentally Save when not intended and corrupt your original PDF inputs.**

      Please let us know if you have any questions.
      Aaron P Scooter Software