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Automatically include differences when merging conflict lines

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  • Automatically include differences when merging conflict lines

    Hello Team,

    I am trying to merge three different files , say File A, File B and File C shown below.

    In one of those files, I make changes to the condition of the code block, and in the other file I add two new lines above and below the code block.
    When I try to merge these files using Beyond Compare 4, it tells there is a conflict. Now I want to pick the condition from first file but also need the new lines added in the third file, which is a diff. I am unable to do so because the merge tool picks the new added line (below the condition statement) as one block.

    Can you please tell me whether there is a way to automatically include the diffs of the third file, when I choose lines to be merged from the first file?

    Click image for larger version

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    The Text Merge assumes version control merge logic, which means one of the inputs should be a common ancestor of the other two. In BC4's case, the center input pane should be a common ancestor that the other two are edits from, but shouldn't be changed/edited after the other two inputs have descended from it.

    We do have a Take Left Then Right command (or Right then Left) in the Edit menu. Also the section groups differences together, but you can use a gutter selection or drag selection to manually work on a subset (or update the configuration so differences are line by line in the File Format).
    Aaron P Scooter Software