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  • Text Merge Video

    The only reason I upgraded from Std to Pro edition was "Text Merge" option. But I was disappointed with the quality and clarity of instruction for this option.

    I am fairly techie, but I believe I spent way more time figuring out how to successfully accomplish text merge. Thanks to one of the posts for the hint "Take Left Then Right."

    I strongly believe that Scooter Software should come out with a video clearly explaining Text Merge option. Also, a comparison about with/without three way merge.

    - Sushil

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    A video is a good idea. In the meantime, we try to make it fairly easy for people to try out the session type in the trial and if they have any questions, please feel free to write in.

    If you haven't registered yet, you can set the trial to Pro or Std mode in the Help menu -> About dialog. It defaults to Pro.

    If you have already registered, you can revert to trial mode following these instructions:
    Aaron P Scooter Software