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3-way compare of directories, please?

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  • 3-way compare of directories, please?

    I am in agreement with others in this set of threads that want to have

    left side, original baseline
    right side, my changes
    then add into the center, someone else's changes, (or newest baseline)

    But I'm interested in a 3 way directory merge as well.

    My typical work flow is to begin with a zipfile of some open source project and begin making my own changes. I then use BC2 to keep track of what files I've changed and what I changed in them. This is straight forward and BC2 (or 3) meets this purpose perfectly.

    After some time and changes I then have:

    zipfile original baseline   ]  - left side
    My-folder tree              ]  - right side
    Also now or in due time, there's an update to this baseline by others that becomes the new official baseline. I want to merge those other changes into my-folder tree so I am now up to date with the latest release, plus have my changes.

    So I want:

    zipfile baseline ]  - left side
    [COLOR="green"]new baseline     ]  - center[/COLOR]
    My-folder tree   ]  - right side

    Now, where some files have changed, and where they are not any files that I was working on, it seems to be pretty straightforward to take these new files and simply copy them over top of my files.

    This I can do easily in BC2 (or 3).

    I realize there can be problems with this, say with changes in the calling sequences to something that I've been using, but I don't expect a file comparison program to detect that sort of conflict.

    However, when both my folder and the new baseline each have changes to the same file, then I want BC3 to automatically load up the 3rd file from the new baseline when I click on the compare button.

    My preference would be to load in the center, but I realize that you've stated here that BC3's approach is to have the original baseline be the center. It would seem that a simple option setting could allow one to have the right and center (or left and center) meanings be reversed.

    Anyway, if that were possible, then I think I would be able to use BC3 for my purposes. If this is not something BC3 can do now, please consider this use as a possible future enhancement. I think there are a lot of folks that operate this way.

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    BC3 does not currently support a Folder Merge (3-way), and does not support customizing which panel should be the ancestor in the 3-way Text Merge (always Center), but we'll consider these ideas on our wishlist.
    Aaron P Scooter Software