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Unable to use perforce version control

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  • Unable to use perforce version control

    I'm trying to use version control in BC3 with Perforce. I downloaded the SCC plugin for Perforce and I have it working in Visual Studio 2005. When I try to set it up in BC3, I do the following:

    Tools->Source Control Integration
    (Enter local path to workspace)
    Click the "Add" button
    Choose the correct workspace in P4 SCC plugin and click OK.

    At this point, P4Scc gives a dialog box stating "File not in client view". When I close this box, BC3 states "Unable to configure association: Invalid file path".

    Perhaps, there's something else I need to do to get this working. I'm using the latest P4Scc from Perforce as of yesterday (version 2007.3/149519, included in P4V version 2007.3/151553). Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.


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    I figured out what I was doing wrong. When I was entering the path under "Enter path to add a new association:", I was typing, "C:\<source path>". However, Perforce was expecting "C:\<source path>\...". Adding the "\..." fixed the problem.


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      Thank you so much for posting your fix Brad. It works great! In fact it solves the hangs in both BC2 and BC3.


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        So, does the P4 SCC plugin work for you? For me, adding the "\..." made it so that BC2 and BC3 accepted the path. However, trying to use the plugin still causes both applications to hang with 100% CPU usage.

        I emailed BC support and the replied saying that the P4 SCC plugin doesn't officially support BC:

        However, using version 2004.2 of the plugin as suggested worked for me. I also emailed Perforce and asked them to officially support BC.