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  • Using with git

    I followd the Instructions at:

    Now when I use the command "git difftool"

    What I expect:
    Beyond Compare opens with many tabs.
    Every tab has one changed file.

    What it actually does:
    It opens all files one by one.

    Console output:
    $ git difftool

    Viewing: 'File1.cpp'
    Launch 'bc3' [Y/n]: y

    Viewing: 'File2.h'
    Launch 'bc3' [Y/n]: y

    Viewing: 'VFile3.cpp'
    Launch 'bc3' [Y/n]:

    Is there a way to achieve what I want ?

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    Are you using gitdiff on a directory? The definition provided is to configure different source control systems to allow BC3 to be used as a difftool or mergetool on a specific pair of files.

    The prompt to "Launch 'bc3'" looks like it is generated from Git itself. If there was an option to always provide 'Y' automatically, then it would work like you expect, correct?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      If you're using Git 1.7.11 or newer, there is a new "--dir-diff" option you can use to do a directory diff.

      So, you can use:
      git difftool --dir-diff <branch1> <branch2>

      If you have difftool set to use "Bcomp.exe" in your .gitconfig, you'll need to change it to Bcompare.exe

      There seems to be a problem if you use "Bcomp.exe" with the new --dir-diff option.

      You can find more info about it here:


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        Thanks for the info, Jeff.

        Investigating this, I believe you need to use at least Git 1.8.0 (as I ran into bugs using 1.7.11). And it is true you will need to use bcompare.exe for now, and I would also add the /solo parameter. I'll open a tracker entry to investigate getting bcomp.exe working.
        Aaron P Scooter Software