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Installation error: INI_sorted.vbs

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  • Installation error: INI_sorted.vbs

    Have existing BC3Pro installation. Installed BC4 side by side to default location. Selected import options that included the INI Files Sorted file format conversion. At end of install, an error indicating unable to find format helpers. I validated that the vbs was definitely in the BC3\Helpers folder, but maybe the path thought the helper was already supposed to be in the BC4 folder? Anyway, INI_sorted.vbs does not end up getting copied to BC4\Helpers

    Error screenshot attached.

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    Thank you for reporting the problem.

    Build 17451 of the BC4 beta doesn't support importing BC3 file formats that use external conversion. One of our developers is working on this bug so the behavior should be improved in our next release.
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    Chris K Scooter Software


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      I believe this bug only affects the "first run" import of BC3 settings. If you run BC3 and export file formats, then import into BC4, the helpers should be included.
      Tim T Scooter Software