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FTP profile import bug ( minor )

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  • FTP profile import bug ( minor )

    I have been using SFTP transfer on BC3. On installation of BC4 it imported my profile and sessions, but while opening a session it failed to connect. Quick research revealed that the SSH private key file location traveled from the general tab of the profile to the default profile. It was left empty after the import

    Copy-pasting that solved the problem

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    The SSH Private key was located on the Authentication tab, but this tab was global and applied for all profiles. So it is technically only part of the default profile, but is visible when selecting any profile.

    It was moved to a specific Default profile location in BC4. During the import wizard, if you include <Default> FTP profile in the initial import of BC3 settings, this should bring that setting forward.
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      I guess that makes sense. It is not entirely obvious while you are in the import screen.