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BC4 binaries: DEP and ASLR?

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  • Zoë
    We do have plenty of bugs, but it let me catch the fact that we weren't actually shipping patch.exe in the installer, so it was a good thing to look into.

    The next release will have all of the DLLs and EXEs digitally signed, with version information, and with DEP and ASLR protection enabled. The only exceptions are no ASLR for pdftotext.exe and patch.exe, because they're compiled by third parties in a way that doesn't support it.

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for the feedback and audit.

    We'll work on enhancing the others, too.

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  • chrroe
    started a topic BC4 binaries: DEP and ASLR?

    BC4 binaries: DEP and ASLR?

    Hi Scooter-Team,

    in this thread I suggested to improve tne security of BC binaries:

    I'm happy to see that a check of the new BC4 files shows some progress concerning this topic:

    Executable name DEP protection  ASLR protection
    7zxa.dll        NO              NO       NO              NO
    BComp.exe       NO              NO
    BCompare.exe    yes             yes
    BCShellEx.dll   yes             yes
    BCShellEx64.dll NO              NO
    BCUnRar.dll     NO              NO
    unins000.exe    NO              NO
    At least the main files are protected now, thank you

    I don't know if the other files could get the protection, too.
    But maybe other bugs/problems have higher priotity ...