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    To be able to see what the various tasks running running are when there are multiple tasks:-

    Currently if you need to stop one task it's impossible to guess which one so you have to stop them all.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    We do show a progress bar for each thread, so you can stop an individual transfer if you recognize the files a specific copy is working on. Improving the GUI for this is on our Customer Wishlist and I'll add your notes to that entry.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Hi, thanks for the response. You should see from the link above that I'm aware of there being separate status bars, not sure why you mention this. I'm also not sure your suggestion of recognising files really offers any help at all, would you be able to recognise a particular thread with two or more tasks running each with many thousands of files? I realise there is much to do but recognising which thread is which is a pretty basic need I would have thought.


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        I reiterated our current capabilities for when other users search and find this thread, they'll be able to find both our workarounds and limitations at this point in time without the need for additional searching.

        Depending on the task and our capabilities, another options might be to have multiple tabs open, each for a specific task/thread. You could then note which tab you are in to cancel that copy.

        This is an area of the applications we would like to improve, but we probably will be unable to make significant changes to this area soon, so I'm concentrating on what we can do to help with the current version.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          The separate tab option is a workable workaround I hadn't thought of. Thanks.


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            I'm glad that'll help. This is an area we'd like to improve, but re-designing the interface to help expose how/which threads are working is something we need adequate resources to investigate and tackle. We don't have an ETA, so coming up with a good workaround will help make sure you can continue to use the program and get things done.

            If you are running into any other frustrations or have any suggestions, let us know. We'll help where we can and note what can be improved.
            Aaron P Scooter Software


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              I have also been waiting for something similar. I have requested for a possible/Wished solution at:


              Let's see if serves the purpose of SouthScot, and approved by Team Scooter.

              With Regards

              Sanjiv Bansal