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McAfee Web Gateway false positive for BC4 beta build 17451

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  • McAfee Web Gateway false positive for BC4 beta build 17451

    McAfee Web Gateway is reporting Beyond Compare 4 build 17451's installer as a potentially unwanted program. This is a false positive.

    The message displayed is:

    Media Type: application/executable, application/x-inno-setup-installer
    Virus Name: McAfeeGW: Potentially Unwanted Program
    A scan using reports no issues with the installer for 47 out of 48 scan engines. Scan results.

    Beyond Compare uses Innosetup for installation. It appears McAfee Web Gateway is flagging Beyond Compare as a potentially unwanted program because of the installer, not because of a known virus.

    We've also listed the false positive on our antivirus page.

    To make sure the installer you're downloading hasn't been modified by a third party, you can check the digital signature. Right click on the installer and select "Properties". Go to the "Digital Signatures" tab.
    Select the "Scooter Software" signature and click Details. If the file hasn't been modified since we signed it, the general tab will say "This digital signature is OK".
    Chris K Scooter Software