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Need longer line limits for XML Files

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  • Need longer line limits for XML Files

    I use an application (OmniFocus) on the Mac that stores file data in xml files. It uses a "3-line" file where first 2 lines are the file definition (xml) and doctype.

    The 3rd and only line is composed of all xml data with no carriage returns/linefeeds.

    For the two XML files I am trying to compare that line is around 113357 characters long.

    I set the buffer in BC to 1MB (1048576 = 1024x1024 ) and then for the XML Filter I tried plain and using the two XML Tidy options -- the problem is the buffer in that screen is limited to 64K (why??). I would make it at least a 1MB or more -- the most basic computers are all 4 GB now for RAM .

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    I would expect our Tidy conversions to reformat the xml into a more vertical appearance (inserting line breaks). Do you have a pair of sample files you could email in to [email protected] with a link back to this forum thread for our reference?
    Aaron P Scooter Software