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  • Session Search and Session Management Panel

    BC4 build 18291 Windows -

    There is some misleading behavior between searching for sessions and the session management panel. This example requires multiple sessions.

    1. Open a new tab.
    2. Pin the Session Management Panel (BTW the Pin icon is backward to what I'm used to seeing i.e. horizontal pin I've always seen as unpinned not that everywhere I've seen is correct. [EDIT Check out the pin icon in your forums])
    3. Note the selected session in the left panel matches that in the session management panel.
    4. Search for text that is in another session but is not contained in the one selected in step 3.
    5. No matter if your search criteria matches one or a multiple entries the Session Management Panel shows and allows you to edit a session that is not the one selected.

    As another side note, when I press esc it dismisses my tab. I expected it to escape from my search criteria. That behavior might be a carryover from my BC3 settings. Is that default behavior or do I have something set in the key shortcuts that I can switch?
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    Thanks, we'll get that pin updated and see if we can improve the edit behavior.
    Aaron P Scooter Software