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Directory Opus BC Toolbar Integration

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  • Directory Opus BC Toolbar Integration

    Members of the Directory Opus community have created a script to integrate DOpus with Beyond Compare.

    The script is being actively maintained, and the most recent version as of this posting is 2.4 in this post. The first post in the thread is updated with a link to each new version as well.

    To install the button, download the .osp file, and move it into the /dopusdata\Script AddIns folder. From DOpus, launch Settings > Customize Toolbars..., expand the Scripts section, and drag Beyond Compare to the desired location on the toolbar.

    If Beyond Compare is not installed at the default location, the script can be configured at Setting > Preferences > Toolsbars > Scripts. Select $BC and click on Configure. Edit the BCPath variable to the path where the BC executable is.

    This button has "smart" features, which will launch a BC session based on the files and folders selected in the DOpus window

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    Thanks for the submissions! I'm sure users here will appreciate the script and helpful toolbar icon it adds to Directory Opus.
    Aaron P Scooter Software