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  • Aaron

    You would be looking for a node that contains each individual different character? How would this work for changes that might be a 'checkerboard' of alternating different and equal characters? Or different words then later in the line other different words?

    Would it be easier to generate our HTML report style, then parse and incorporate it into your website? It would include coloring information. Or bring in the entire HTML Report as a point in time report, and the website then manages the display of different reports.

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  • StevenTCramer
    started a topic XML Differences Output

    XML Differences Output

    I am using BeyondCompare on two text files and want the differences output as XML. It has this option but all I get is output like this
    I would like the XML to also contain a list of nodes comparing both sides. For example
    The right side has an additional comma after "command my father"
    Then at the end we have "wilder- ness" vs "wilderness"
    I want this so that I can use it as data on a website and present it however I wish
    Would be great if I could somehow comment on each change (spelling, grammar, new text) etc
    but at the very least would like to see the extra nodes added for changes, and for each change to have a unique incrementing at least then I can maintain a secondary XML file with additional information such as <id>1</id><type>Spelling</type>

    My aim is not to reconcile changes of documents, but to analyse historical changes and document them.