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Bug: comparing large file content over network often fails

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  • Bug: comparing large file content over network often fails


    I have a 1.2Gb file on an network computer comparing the content of the file with a local file using Hex compare it yield random differences

    when the random differences is many bytes it usual help to do a refresh
    but when there is only a few bytes left it vill keep listing the same differences unless left idle for a while in which case the differences might change

    using window to copy the remote file to local machine and compare the two copies locally yield no differences


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    Thanks for the report. Testing on our Windows Network test environment here, I am not seeing this type of issue in the Hex Compare. What type of remote location would you be connecting to?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      The remote machine is on standard net work only thing special is that my computer is connected to two networks one of them being the same as the remote machine
      Beyond compare copied the dll file OK but kept saying the copy was different, that was why I opened the hex comparer, today there seems to be no problem.


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        Thanks for the report. Next time you see it crop up, please try running a Binary scan on the Folder level to see if the files detect as different. If the Folder level, a binary scan, and the Hex Compare all say the file is different, it might be a corrupt temp copy was created. Does a Full Refresh, or closing and restarting the application help? Let us know if you run into this again.
        Aaron P Scooter Software