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Feature request: More visible active tab

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  • Feature request: More visible active tab

    On BC3 I could go to the hidden "Tweak Tools" dialog and change the active tab color - which was awesome. In BC4 that option is not available any more, and the active and non-active tab colors are too similar for my liking. Or made the contrast between them bigger, or bring back the option so the user can define a active tab color (preferred). Many thanks.

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    We incorporated many of the Tweaks into a more discoverable section in the Options dialog, but also had to pare down the overall number. BC4's default tab coloring is a stronger contrast than BC3 (inactive is much darker, and there is a shadow border effect around the tabs). Could you post a screenshot of your current window/theme combination in BC4, and the type of contrast you'd be looking for from BC3?
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      I've attached how the tabs look on my system in BC4 (Windows 7), and how I had them setup in BC3. Note that at a quick glance I can instantly see what tab is the active one in BC3. Not so for BC4. :-(

      I feel the default colors in BC4 are very washed out and hard to distinguish on my system.

      Maybe this is part of the problem. I have various systems I work on. One has a very high quality LCD display with excellent colour reproduction, the others are pretty standard displays (read "rubbish") with a washed out look (no matter how much I fiddle with the display settings I can't get the colours to look good). So with the latter LCD displays it is hard to quick see the active tab.
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        Thanks for the feedback. We do not currently support this type of customization for BC4's toolbar, but it's something we can look into. I'll add your screenshots and suggestion to our wishlist.
        Aaron P Scooter Software