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Ignore Unimportant Differences Undesirable Behavior

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  • Ignore Unimportant Differences Undesirable Behavior

    I've noticed similar behavior with BC3, but now that BC4 has AD Hoc Defining Unimportant Text I expect I'll be using this feature plenty and would like to see an effort put forth to end this behavior or if there is a workaround I don't know about I'd like to learn about it.

    The picture describes the problem.

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    I'd like to verify that in the initial load: Comparison Results Presented, that you have the Session menu -> Session Setting: Comparison tab, Rules-based comparison enabled. The default is Timestamp/Size, which would not present the files as different or unimportant, only different.

    Double clicking and viewing the files triggers a Rules-based compare for that specific file, populating the center column in the parent folder compare as well. Double clicking each would do this in turn, or you can enable the Session Setting to scan every file during the initial load.

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