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  • Progress on folder merge

    I use Beyond Compare at work for source code diffing, mostly.
    And I liked it so much, I got a license for home. I got the new version 4 beta license so I can use it on my Mac.
    I'm currently trying to recover some backup data from a failed NAS, so I've collected all my various backups and broken data, and I'm trying to merge all the folders together to one best merged version.
    I'm trying to use the Folder Merge to do this, however, I'm not sure if it's doing anything. Where is the progress indicator for this? How can I tell when it's done?
    Do I just kick off by filling in the left and right side, then clicking on merge to Left (I have my base on the left) and then clicking on the merge button?
    I'm not sure if it's working quite right, but wanted to see if someone could help me out.


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    The Merge button requires a selection. If you select everything (or a subset to test with) then Merge, it should show a progress bar.

    I would recommend merging into a 4th output pane for your first couple of merges, to test and verify the merge logic is working as you expect. I wouldn't want you to accidentally lose any information merging your the Left/Yours while learning how the Folder Merge works. You can then use a Folder Compare to compare Left/Yours to Output for a final verification/copy over to that location.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Thanks for the reply!
      I want to make sure I'm doing this right then.
      I tried to merge into a 4th folder, but no output appeared, so let me see if I'm doing this right.

      I select my base folder into the far left pane. I have the center pane hidden, and then I find a folder that has another version of the backup with potentially good or bad files in it and I put that in the right pane.
      Then I select an output directory for the "Merge to" pane.

      As I do this, it looks like it's trying to run through the directories automatically, and one by one lights up the folders from white to blue.
      The Legend says blue contains left changes, which means my base should have changes from the other version in it.

      The Stop icon is flashing between red and yellow. At this point, I'll select all my folders and then push the Merge button.
      The dialog says it will copy 6,609 files from the left.

      and,... hmm, it crashed.
      I'll send you the crash report via email.

      ok, email sent.
      I restarted and tried again.
      This time I started the merge before the scan finished, and show a slight progress bar while doing so, however, it disappeared after the scan and I see no progress bar for the merge.

      And it crashed again.
      I'll wait until the crash can be addressed...


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        Thanks. Emails received and replied. The intended results would be to select the multiple items you intend to merge (Ctrl+A to select all), then click the Merge button.

        What we would expect to see:
        The folder colors changing (white to grey/red/blue) is the comparison still loading and populating the comparison results. The left most column would populate with preview icons showing how the merge is going to act, and then the Merge will act on the Selection, and would have a progress bar showing the copy.
        Aaron P Scooter Software