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WebDAV doesn't read T-Online directory?

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  • WebDAV doesn't read T-Online directory?

    Hello Scooter Software,

    when connecting to "T-Online" WebDAV, I don't see remote directories or files.

    But I can upload directories and files, during the session I see the remote contents (likely cached).

    Next time I connect, the remote pane is empty again.

    May<be that's a T-Online problem, but this is a major provider in Germany and they offer 25GBytes free space, so it might be wirth to investigate the problem.

    BTW: Uploading seems to be indicated in chunks of 4MBytes which I consider misleading: With upload speeds of 1MBit/s, the progress bar seems to be stuck each time.


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    Thanks for the report. We'll have to create a test account and try to reproduce the behavior you are bumping into. If you have any additional information that might be useful, please post here or email us at [email protected] (including a link back to this forum thread).
    Aaron P Scooter Software