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BC ruined my live-system!

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  • BC ruined my live-system!

    Ok, I admit - it was my fault, I accidentally update LIVE instead of TEST (

    But the idea that this triggered was that it would be great if we could configure some sort of "folder-security":
    - ability to configure background-color for the dropdown that holds the path (on top of the folder-comparison) PER folder! (suggestion: define a regex to test against path and background/text-colors that are applied if rx matches...)
    - again a regex, and the option to confirm any changes made to matching folders...

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    In "Folder Compare", inside "Session Settings", You can select "Disable editing" for one or for both sides. You might test to see if it is enough for You, removing the check-box only when You are sure that You want to update the "Live" side.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti


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      Thanks for the suggestion. Enhancing our coloring customization is on our customer wishlist. In the meantime, I would make the same suggestion as Rodolfo: use our Editing Disabled options to disable many of the commands; this will also add "Editing Disabled" text to the bottom status bar as a small visual indicator.

      This can be done with the Session Setting, or if called from the command line by using our /ro, /ro1, or /ro2 options.
      Aaron P Scooter Software