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Folder compare ignoring EOL style differences

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  • Folder compare ignoring EOL style differences

    Hi. Is it possible for BC3/BC4 to do a folder compare, but ignore EOL style changes. eg: We have BC4 on a Mac, doing a local folder compare to a shared folder on a Windows server. The Folder compare shows many files are different, but when you double click one of those files, then BC says they are the same. The file compare seems to ignore EOL style differences, but the folder compare doesn't.

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    I wouldn't want folder compares to be burdened with having to open every single file to check its EOL style, especially on remote files. You could always quickly select a block of files and with a couple of clicks use "Compare Contents..." to do a rules-based comparison on all of them in turn.


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      Yes, using a Rules-based scan. By default, the Folder Compare performs a Timestamp/Size scan, but you can change this in the Session menu -> Session Settings. Leave Timestamp, Size, and Override enabled, and also enable Rules-based content comparison.

      Double clicking a file to view it also runs and returns the Rules-based results to the parent folder compare, if you were seeing this behavior:
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        To add on tfrost's comments:

        The right-click Compare Contents command will run on the current selection, and can perform the Rules-based scan as a foreground action. Updating the Session Settings and saving the session will let you launch that session in the future, and on launch will run the scan as configured in the background. One method is automatic on load, the other allows the finesse of subset selection.
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          Thanks for the quick response. Rules based comparison did the trick.