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    as a returning user from long ago (BC2) I am delighted to see so many improvements, including a Mac version and S3 support!

    Regarding S3: to be able to work with the files uploaded to S3 it would be very nice if the 'make public' function would be made available in the BC interface. Or if the permissions dialog could mimic the fields S3 requires.

    It would also help if the files could be uploaded using the right mime types. Now they all become application/octet-stream.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Adding an S3-specific properties dialog is definitely needed, but isn't going to make it into the initial v4 public release. Hopefully we'll be able to do it as part of a 4.1.

    To improve mime type handling in the next release I've added code to pull in a mime.types file from the application directory. It's currently a copy of the Apache one, and I'm hoping we can leave it like that. Right now it will be overwritten each time BC is upgraded, but we could consider loading a version from the application data directory too, or allowing some sort of user interface for it. Do you think you'd need to adjust control things more than that, and if so, how much configurability would be required?
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