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  • BC4 launch

    Good day all,

    I was glad to buy my BC4 licence on January 30th, almost 7 months ago.

    Do you think we'll get it soon, it's been a long time IMHO and that's quite unusual


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    They want to make the product as stable as possible from the beginning. Yes, that's unusual. They still spend a lot of attention to detail to make everyone as happy as possible (as you can see in the discussions about coloring). That's unusual, too. Finally, there seems to be no marketing division deciding when the product is ready. It's up to the developers. And that's unusual, too. But all this is nothing to complain or worry about, bless them for that!

    I'm quite sure that they will release BC4 once they are ready to do so. And yes, I'm having difficulties to wait as well, but I know it's worth it.


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      Yes, for sure



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        We have a huge marketing division: all of our happy customers.

        We're getting close to a final release and development is focused on final bug fixes and polish, as you can see from the last two release changelogs. I can't say when the exact release will occur, but we're eager to have it finished too.

        One of the reasons the beta has been so long is that we wanted to get the OS X version out in beta as soon as it was usable, which meant we hadn't finished up all of the new features. If you look through the changelogs for "Notable changes", the new picture compare, media devices, Amazon S3, improved profile management, and 7-zip support were all added since the public beta launch. In previous versions we probably would have released those as 4.1, 4.2, etc, but since other parts of the application needed to stabilize we had the time to roll them into the initial release instead.
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