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MTP binary differences on jpg files

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  • Aaron

    Thanks for writing in. I'm unsure, but if the size is different and the binary scan shows differences, there is very likely a difference with the files. If you copy the file twice to two different temp folders locally, does comparing the two temp folders show an equal file pair? If you create a temp folder on the camera, and copy the file into it, is it binary equal to the other folder on the camera?

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  • tinaa
    started a topic MTP binary differences on jpg files

    MTP binary differences on jpg files

    I was surprised and delighted to discover BC4 now supports MTP devices. However, when I did a binary compare across folders on my Nexus 5 connected as MTP with a local folder where I had copied photos from the Nexus 5's camera, while most photos and videos were binary identical, there were several that were not. The files sizes differed by a few bytes and the comparison as shown by BC4 seems to indicate there are real differences in the images not just some header or metadata differences.

    The date stamps were the same so I chose to simply mirror the phone's folder to the local folder and it claimed to have copied the files with differences. However, when I did a complete refresh the files remained different. There was nothing I was able to do make the files match.

    Any idea what is going on here?