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How to make session details pane wider on home screen?

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  • How to make session details pane wider on home screen?

    Although there is a splitter between the sessions tree and session details/icons area, there doesn't appear to be one to allow the session details pane to be made wider.

    I regularly check and update the details of several stored sessions and in BC3 I could make the home screen details pane as large as I required as there was a splitter on the right.

    Is there any other way to increase this pane's width and if not can this be considered for a future update?

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    Thanks for the feedback. This control does not currently support expanding or resizing, but it is on our wishlist to research what it would take to add that functionality.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Perhaps I don't understand the question: Are we talking about the "Home" screen,
      which has sessions in the left frame and a configurable right panel ... which also now
      includes a "drop zone" to drag files?

      Since I began using BC, I have wanted a similar division between the Left/Right Folder compare.

      I use large monitors, and still have trouble getting enough screen real estate to work comfortably.

      I would like to see the same frame divider found on the Home page on the Folder page.
      For many tasks, I would like to see one of those folder frames disappear, and for sure I don't need
      the same amount of screen space in both folder frames.

      Might that be coming soon?

      BC is a terrific replacement for Windows Explorer ... much more flexibility, and much quicker.
      The dual folder panes prevents me from using BC effectively as the replacement.

      Thanks ---
      Version 4.0.6 (build 19729) on Windows 8.1


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        Yes, the original poster was referring to 'removing' the dropzone buttons on the Home screen. Your request is similar for the Folder Compare, and is something that's on our Wishlist. It's not likely something that is "soon", but is something we track on our Customer Wishlist and are aware of customer demand. It's a larger project than it might appear, given how the Folder Compare is constructed, but we appreciate the feedback.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Beyond Compare 4.1 beta now includes a button to maximize the session editing pane in the Home screen.

          Beta download page:
          Chris K Scooter Software