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Hello, Got a minor issue with BC4.

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  • Hello, Got a minor issue with BC4.

    Hello, i just purchased this wonderful software the other day, Well upgraded from 3. But anyway to my issue.

    So when clicking on a file to open it and windows asked you what to open it with, I go to the directory of bc4 and click it to open it with BCompare App the 16.781kb App. But that does nothing. So i redo it and open it with BComp App 94kb App and it works. But now all my files have the default app icon for the 94kb App.

    So just a minor issue to me, but would like the files to have the Bcompare icon. As the 16781 kb app. Like bc3 did.

    Thanks, And i hope i explained will enough for you to understand.

    Win7 btw.

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    On my Windows 7 machine, I set this up with a new file extension type (.testext) and when I attempted to open it I assigned it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare.exe. This gave it a white file icon with a Beyond Compare logo overlay, and seems to open as expected in the Text Compare (as it is actually a text file with text content).

    With a similar setup, does this work for you?

    How does your setup differ from this one?
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Dang it, forget what i was trying to open with it the other day. I'll post here when i figure it out. Lil sleepy at the moment. Prolly be tomorrow.