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  • Multi Physical Drive Compare, Sync, Mirror, Copy, ...

    Is there the capability in BC4 to perform a compare, sync, mirror or copy from the 'source' (read) device to two or more physical (write) devices concurrently/same time? Why would I need such a feature? To speed up the workflow I currently do manually.

    I keep running into having this need since BC2.

    Thoughts, Ideas, Feedback?


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    BC4 does not currently support this feature in the graphical interface for a one to many sync. You could setup individual sessions in the interface, then use a BC Script to call them sequentially automatically:

    load "session1"
    sync create-empty update:left->right
    load "session2"
    sync create-empty update:left->right

    And this would run through and perform each sync. This workaround would also apply to BC2 and BC3. You would want to create Folder Compare sessions; the Folder Sync session type does not load in scripting.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      [It is assumed in this example the source and each target is a different physical device.]

      It's all about performance for me with this capability. Ideally cutting the total sync time in about half (assuming two targets). I'm assuming currently the source (read) device data is read each time for each of the sync sessions. In my perfect world the source (read) would occur once and an in-memory activity (for all sync sessions beyond one) would occur for each of the sync sessions. This would provide the absolute maximum performance (as well as complexity in coding).

      I've tried your solution before (good idea) and I've experienced the out-of-sync source reads typically take longer than performing individually (was performed with WD VelociRaptor drives).

      Would be a super nice future feature.

      Thanks Aaron,


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        A One-To-Many comparison or sync is something on our wishlist, and I've added your notes to our entry on the subject, but it is a large project that we probably won't be able to tackle soon. In the meantime, I would recommend instead using multiple tabs in the GUI to help manage multiple syncs (perhaps as part of an overall saved Workspace), or scripting to sequentially perform the syncs automatically.
        Aaron P Scooter Software