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    Somehow I goofed up using BC4 and erased my Outlook file. Fortunately I had a separate backup from yesterday. However, I did lose some important emails from the last 24 hours. Is there a way for me to tell BC4 that certain files are protected and cannot be erased? Updated ok, but not erased! If I want to erase these files I will exit BC4 and do it myself. Tkx.

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    You can use filters to prevent files from being compared, copied, synced, and deleted.

    To filter out a file or folder, right click on it and select "Exclude".

    You can also disable editing for the left or right side of the comparison in the "Session > Session Settings" dialog's Specs tab.

    Beyond Compare doesn't provide a way to allow overwriting a file but prevent deleting it.
    Chris K Scooter Software