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    I am trying to use a regular expression to define unimportant text in a compare and having some difficulty.

    Left- ZIE|A02|20140924000136|||
    Right- ZIE|A02|20140924000137|||

    With the above example I would expect the line to show no differences. I would expect the below example to show differences though:

    Left- ZIE|A02|20140924000136|||
    Right- ZIE|A03|20140924000137|||

    I only want to ignore the difference in the specific date field. I don't want to ignore all date fields. I tried the below regex with a capturing group, but it marks the entire line as unimportant. Regex is not my forte, so hopefully I am missing something small.


    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    If you want to mark the 14 character timestamp unimportant anywhere, you can use the following regex:

    It isn't possible to mark timestamps in lines starting with ZIE while still showing differences in the second column (A02, A03), etc.

    The other option is to use a regexp that matches on ZIE to the timestamp, which won't show A02 vs A03 as a difference:
    Chris K Scooter Software