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How to make BeyondCompare ignore line breaks in PDFs

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  • How to make BeyondCompare ignore line breaks in PDFs


    my questions applies basically to all versions of Beyond Compare, but since i haven't found a way to solve my problem even in the latest version i'm posting it here in the BC4 General section.

    I use Text Compare to compare two PDF-Files. Due to changes made to one of the files certain words have wrapped to the next line or sometimes even to the next page. The words themselves do not change in order.

    BC shows me these wrapped words as differences, as it compares line by line. Aligning does not work, because i would somehow have to split one line into two parts.

    Is there a way to make BC recognise that this is the same text only modified in layout?


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    Comparing over line breaks is not supported in the current version. To help resolve this, the conversion process would need to be replaced with another PDF to Text that can be tweaked to not cause the breaks, or the original PDFs need to be formatted in a way that has the breaks happen in the same places.
    Aaron P Scooter Software