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sftp login password or user requested multiple times, and multiple profiles generated

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  • sftp login password or user requested multiple times, and multiple profiles generated

    Hi, since I switched to BC4, SFTP folder comparison requests the user or password multiple times, though using the 'save password' option. This causes multiple profiles being saved, suffixed with numbers ( site, site (2), site (3), etc.)

    It is very annoying and weird, never seen in BC3.

    Thank you in advance.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hello Randich,

    Thanks for the post. I also saw your email and requested a copy of the connection log. If you could email that back to us when you get the chance, that would be great.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      I could "solve" the problem by typing the user name in the URL, eg. sftp://[email protected] If I don't do that, BC4 keeps asking me for password/user twice, does not memorize my input, and saves a different profile each time, suffixed by an incrementing number. Quite confusing.

      This does not happen in BC3. I expected the user/password prompt to extract all necessary information (only once) and construct the profile accordingly.



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        Yes, some of the excessive prompting is currently a bug in the initial BC4.0 release. We're working on it, as well as designing a better method to prevent duplicate profiles. Did you get a chance to verify that a blank password + "Save Password" was disabled in BC4 in the Profiles dialog? That combined with a key would be creating one of the duplicate requests, whereas in BC3 that state was just ignored.

        In the meantime, the other workaround is to use the Browse dialog and select your saved profile, or use the typed Profile syntax of:
        profilerofile name?subfolder
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Glad to know you are working on that.

          No, the Profiles dialog is letting me save an SFTP profile with blank password and 'Save Password' option checked, but this generates an unusable Profile (gives 'Folder not available' due to Connection lost), despite having the key loaded in pageant. To fix the profile, I had to uncheck 'save password', save the Profile again and restart BC4 (!). This is confusing, so:

          - I think BC4 should in the first place prevent saving an SFTP profile with blank password and 'save password' option enabled.
          - The cached connection parameters are also interfering here when one corrects the data. There should be no need to restart BC for this.

          Please tell me If you have any doubts on how to reproduce the behaviour.


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            The duplicate profile issue should be fixed in Beyond Compare 4.1 beta.

            Beta download page:
            Chris K Scooter Software