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  • Suggestion for Enhancing Snapshots

    I have done a pretty thorough search, and I don't think this suggestion has come up before, although I am not sure since my search for "snapshot" promised 99 hits but gave up after 50 with a "vBulletin message: Sorry- no matches. Please try some different terms."

    Anyway...On occasion, I would like to retain the results of a compare, possibly even after the compared folders no longer exist. I used to capture them with Snagit, advanced to printing a Folder Compare report to a PDF printer, and then discoved snapshots, which allow me to retain the functionality of Beyond Compare. I snapshot the left and right sides, and store the files with a little text note to remind me that opening these two files in BC will show me the compare again. The files are also nice and compact.

    My suggestion is to add a snapshot option that includes both sides in a single BCSS file, making life just a little easier for me and anyone else who needs this capability.

    In any case, keep up the good work - this program is great.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Bundling everything together is on our Customer Wishlist, and I'll add your feedback to our notes on the subject.

    Currently, you can save both snapshots separately, then open them in a Session. Then Save that Session using the Session menu -> Save Session. Then use the Tools menu -> Export, and export just that single session. This session .bcpkg file can be loaded later into a BC Install, and would point at the two snapshot files (or they can be re-loaded if on a different computer). Zipping these three files together (SnapshotLeft.bcss, SnapshotRight.bcss, and BCSession.bcpkg) would create a package you could email to other coworkers.
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      Never occurred to me to save the Session as well, much less zip the resulting into a single file - just shows how much I have yet to learn about this program.