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Accessing password when FTP'ing file to PC

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  • Accessing password when FTP'ing file to PC

    I'm fully aware that this might be knocked on the head as a security issue, but here goes .....

    Great lover of BC but am trying to make comparing TSO mainframe files a bit easier (to my knowledge, BC can't handle variable files and for fixed length files, you need a profile for EACH and every varying fixed record length file). As it is at the moment, BC (obviously) doesn't "know" what DCB's are on the mainframe.

    My thought was the following. If I define a conversion program that kicks in and FTP downloads the file from the mainframe to the PC, the resulting file will be ASCII and BC won't need to care about any DCB's.

    Let's say I define a file format called EBCDIC that is defined with an External Conversion and the name of an exe to run. If I start BC and select folder compare and specify my mainframe files, BC prompts me for my TSO userid. No problems there, but ..... if I then select one of the files, BC runs my conversion program which in turn wants to download the file and ..... requires the TSO password for the FTP program.

    Is there any way of accessing/passing the password to the conversion program thus obviating the need to enter the pw again ???

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    The password isn't available, and it wouldn't be applicable to the different profile types (e.g., Webdav, Dropbox, etc), so we aren't likely to change that. That said, your workaround shouldn't be necessary. Beyond Compare already supports ASCII transfers from FTP sites. On the "Transfer" tab of the FTP profile is a "Transfer type" setting that can be either "Auto", "ASCII", or "Binary". The "Auto" setting handles it based on the file name, which is configured in the "<default>" profile node, on the "Global" tab (ASCII types). If you change your profile to use ASCII BC should just work.
    Zoë P Scooter Software


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      Why oh why didn't I know this, years wasted !!!!!

      It's absolutely brilliant (and SO simple). As an added bonus, just for a test, we tried comparing 2 mainframe files (PDS members) in which we'd deliberately created differences. We then used BC to copy updates from one to the other. Previously (using AUTO rather than ASCII I presume) the results could be moved and placed "all over the place".
      With ASCII, the results looked exactly the same as if I'd done it using PC files.

      Many thanks, Zoë