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Can I do this in version 4?

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  • Can I do this in version 4?

    1. Can I drag and drop (i.e. move/copy files by dragging and dropping)?
    2. Can I open snapshots (dbl click in explorer) without BC trying to open the original folder on the right side)?
    3. Can I merge filenames (i.e. renamed files will be updated)?
    4. Can I "Select Same"?
    5. Can I "Search in Snapshots" (i.e. search through several snapshot files to find a filename)?

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    BC4's trial is fully featured, so you are welcome to download and give it a shot to check out new features, without removing or altering any previous install on Windows.
    1. We do not support Explorer-style drag in drop but it is still on our wishlist.
    2. Double clicking a snapshot does open it and its target, but you can drag and drop the snapshot onto the BC4 shortcut or a blank section of the interface/home screen/side of a Folder Compare to open it specifically.
    3. Renamed files would not align without an Alignment Override; we do not support a Touch Filename command but this is also on our wishlist.
    4. Select Same can be used with the Display Filter: Same, then Expand All/Select All Files.
    5. BC Snapshots can be searched as if they were archives, so you can place multiple .bcss files in the same folder, then Expand All and Find.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Re: 2.

      What I meant is, can I open a .bcss file without 2 sides. Just the left side (that contains the .bcss list) and an empty right side (or no right side at all)?

      Re: 5.

      Can I drag and drop of several .bcss files into the BC window and see all of their content?


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        For 2, if you open BC4 first, then drag and drop or use the Browse dialog, it will open the target on one side. This would include a Snapshot file.

        For 5, no. Dragging multiple files anticipates opening them as a set together, such as 2 text files to then compare in the Text Compare, or two folders for the Folder Compare. Dragging multiple snapshots will open them in the Folder Compare (2) or Folder Merge (3) to compare against each other.
        Aaron P Scooter Software


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          Re 2:

          But the whole point is to have only 1 side. I want to open a .bcss and have it on the left side and have nothing on the right side. I don't want to compare a snapshot to anything, I just want to open it and browse it. I want an empty right side, or no right side at all.

          Something like

          * VIEW->[x] Show Left Side and VIEW->[ ] Show right side
          * TOOLS->OPTIONS->STARTUP->When loading a .bcss show only one side
          * SESSION->SESSION SETTINGS->COMPARISON->[x] Don't compare, just show one side
          * BCompare.exe example.bcss /leftonly


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            Forgive me for possibly being thick, but..

            The name of the product is Beyond COMPARE. If you only want to OPEN it on one side, why not use Notepad++ or similar instead (what am I missing here?)


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              An Explorer or single side pane is not something we currently support, but is on our wishlist. In the meantime, you cannot drag several items and open them individually in pairs, as the drag anticipates a comparison. You would need to open new, empty Tabs, then drag each snapshot to each tab to open them individually.
              Aaron P Scooter Software


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                BC Snapshot (.bcss) files are a virtual representation of a folder with file structure, and since it's specific to Beyond Compare other programs don't support opening and displaying the information.
                Aaron P Scooter Software