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How to Expand all sub-folders but show no (or the fewest) files?

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  • How to Expand all sub-folders but show no (or the fewest) files?

    I'd be very happy if there were a button to "Expand All folders (hiding files)".

    Generate a folder compare, showing everything (matches and mismatches).

    Click "Collapse All". You see just the folders in the top level directory, without any files.

    Click "Expand All" and see the entire directory tree, including sub-folders and all files.

    Click this new button, and see the entire directory tree, including sub-folders, but no files. It's a hybrid of the two existing buttons.

    I spend a lot of time looking a trees with a fairly deep hierarchy. The folders at the bottom of the tree have tons of files; the intermediate folders just have sub-folders (and no files of interest).

    I really want to see just the folder tree, without the zillion lines of file names. When I've located my folder of interest, I'll expand only it to see the files I'm interested in.

    (I don't want to suppress files using a filter, because when I do open my target folder, the files need to display.)

    1. Could this be done with a few clicks? I don't think so, but maybe I'm missed something.

    2. Could a script be written that does this, and hooked to the tool bar?

    3. Will it take a feature request and the program authors to achieve this?

    Thanks for any ideas, suggestions, etc.

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    We actually have this command already.

    There are two quick ways to achieve this:
    1) In the Tools menu -> Options, Toolbars/etc, select view: the Folder Compare. Then search for "Show None" and add to the Menu and Toolbar. This is a display filter that hides all files. Teamed up with the toolbar option to "Always Show Folders" (also in the View menu) in the Folder Compare, would then show only folders, no files. Which you can then Expand All.

    2) The File Name Filter -*.*. Also teamed up with Always Show Folders and Expand All would provide similar behavior.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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