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Use RegEx rule to compare IMG files

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  • Use RegEx rule to compare IMG files

    My RegEx skills are not up to solving what I hope is a simple problem. I have two folders containing IMG files. Names are unchanged in the left folder - e.g. IMG_1234.JPG, IMG_1235.JPG - and prefixed with a date/time in the right folder - e.g. 2015_03_31_12_00_00_IMG_1234.JPG. I have tried various alignment overrides under the Misc tab. I hoped this would work but it doesn't...

    IMG.(\d){4}.JPG = IMG.(\d){4}.JPG$

    Could some kind soul please help.

    Regards, AB

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    Your RegEx looks pretty good. Unfortunately, our Alignment Overrides do not currently support RegEx on both sides to match fluctuating date changes. Note that in the dialog box, we have a dropdown control next to each text field. The With Right File field only supports a subset of commands, referencing the original search string. As such, we can Align Left File with any date using RegEx, but the with Right file field must be explicitly defined.
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