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[Suggestion] Audio (music) file tag compare for non .mp3 and/or non ID3V2.x tags

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  • [Suggestion] Audio (music) file tag compare for non .mp3 and/or non ID3V2.x tags

    There are several different formats for music tag information.

    The most well known are ID1V1 and ID3V2.x which are associated with .mp3 files.

    They also appear in apple (.m4a) and AIFF files, and can also be in .mp4 files. Other file types like .ape and .FLAC can carry ID3 tags along side their primary tagging system. Portions (sections) can appear in WMA file tags (as attributes).

    Other tagging systems include ASF (WMA, WMV), ape, Vorbix (OOG, FLAC), Quick Time (ALAC).

    It appears that audio tag compare will only support ID3 tags in .mp3 files.

    1. How about adding support for .m4a (.m4b, m4p) files? The information's there and not too hard to get.

    2. How about support for .WMA? Most information is there, but getting it requires navigating different structures.

    3. How about support for Vorbis and ape? Different structures, different fields, but lots of duplicate information.

    I don't know the internals of BC, but here are a few open source libraries/programs which could provide easy access:
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    Thanks for the feedback. Expanding our support for additional formats is on our wishlist, but is a large project we won't be able to tackle soon. Thanks for the links; I'll add them to our entry on the subject.
    Aaron P Scooter Software