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Spreadsheet (xls) line hiding

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  • Spreadsheet (xls) line hiding

    When comparing spreadsheets, is there are way to hide or show lines that have some particular value in some particular field (or several fields)...?

    i.e. similar to column hiding, but conditioned on field content (of one or more fields).

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    No, we don't quite have this support. The Table Compare does allow you to hide full Columns using the View menu -> Columns dialog.

    Our Find dialog can find specific text, but the Table Compare can't hide specific fields if they have a specific text value. However, if you can define the Unimportance in the Session Settings, Columns tab (numeric or date tolerance), that difference can then be ignored. You can then Ignore Unimportant Differences in the toolbar, where you can then set the Display Filters to only Show Differences, which then wouldn't show these Rows if they only have Unimportant differences.

    You can also open your Excel files in the Text Compare. This loses the ability to see them as Rows/Columns, but has more advanced grammar definition. You would need to download the additional File Format for Excel as a text format, we do not include it by default:

    And the types of grammar elements you can define in the Text Compare is here:
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      ok, thx.