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    I LOVE BC, and use it SO much; I even bought a 5-user license, then a 2-user, just to PAY YOU for your wonderful product.

    I'm TRYING to use BC4, and I did alt TOK, (Tools, options, Keyboard) to set up my 2 dozen favorite shortcut keys. NOTHING.

    I go into help and it talks about (hourglass icon) search edit, and when I type edit into the search bar I go to a WEB PAGE.

    I then realized I needed to import all my settings, but dang if it didn't include the keyboard shortcuts!!

    I even have my registry edits of things like "base folder other side" = some hex (indicating alt, ctrl, and the ascii key value, i.e. 46 = F, but going thru the registry with BC4 I don't even FIND a table of keyboard shortcuts!

    Please help. I'm one of the most expert users of BC, and now with 4, I feel like I'm completely lost.

    I NEVER use menus, I NEVER use the mouse. 100% of my BC use is blindingly fast keyboard shortcuts. Just let me know where their setup is hidden.

    alt-b set as base folder
    alt-o set as base folder other side
    ctrl-j move up in directory, both sides
    alt-u move up in directory, left side only
    alt-I move up in directory, right side.
    ctrl-q compare
    alt-q comparison settings (excluded files, attributes, etc)

    The above is about 1/4 of my shortcuts I'm anxious to set.

    Meanwhile I'm going to have to move back to bc2 or 3 on my new Core i7 machine, I just can't be without bc's functionality any more.


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    First, you can have BC2, BC3, and BC4 installed on the same Windows machine at the same time. This way you can use the older versions while learning how to use the newest.

    BC4 does support importing hotkeys. If you use the BC3 Tools menu -> Export wizard, you can export all of your settings. In BC4, use the Tools menu -> Import. Specifically, the "Toolbars, Shortcuts, Menus" import option will bring in hotkeys.

    You can customize or verify hotkeys in the BC4 Tools menu -> Options, Toolbars,Etc section. Use the dropdown to switch between views, such as to the Folder Compare. You can then edit or verify any hotkeys set for this view, including Set as Base Folder, Set as Base Folder Other Side, Up One Level, etc.

    Does the Import work for you?
    Aaron P Scooter Software