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    Team Scooter

  • Aaron

    We would need more information to help troubleshoot this. What do you mean by "manually"? Are you loading a specific comparison and then typing the path in and hitting load? Do the files then load for compare, and in which compare session type?

    If you can email in your current from the Help menu -> Support dialog, Export to [email protected], please also include a full screen screenshot of the error, and a screenshot of the working condition.

    Also include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.

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  • snoopy
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  • snoopy
    started a topic Cannot open files

    Cannot open files

    I get very often the error "Cannot open file" following the coorect path to that file. On the end of the path is the information "The system cannot get the file..."

    But when I follow the path manually, there is no problem to find and open the file (jpg).

    What must I do, that this error does not occure anymore?