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How do I copy only Orphan files

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  • How do I copy only Orphan files


    I've copied some folders but new files have been updated on old server. How can I set it up to copy only Orphans from one side to the other? Right now, I'm manually picking files and that's inefficient. Thanks

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    Are you currently using the Folder Compare or Folder Sync session type?

    For the Folder Compare, switch the Display Filters to only Show Orphans (toolbar or View menu). Then (Edit menu or toolbar) Expand All, and Select All Files. This leaves you with a selection of just orphan files on both sides. Then either Shift+Arrow Keys to slide the selection to just one side and Copy, or use the Copy command immediately and use it to control which side is copied.

    For the Folder Sync, you can set the Session Settings to a custom sync to copy only Orphan files of a certain side, and leave everything else alone. This applies for all files in the base folders and cannot work on a subset selection.
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