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  • View patch from clipboard

    I frequently have patches in my Windows clipboard (e.g. copied from native or browser-based source control tools). It would be great if BC could view the patch directly from the clipboard.

    Text-compare mode has "File -> Open Clipboard", but that doesn't open patch view.

    "Tools -> View Patch" requires me to save the clipboard contents to a patch first, which is inconvenient.

    It would be great to have "Tools -> View Patch from Clipboard" (or autodetect patches in "File -> Open Clipboard" and offer to open in patch view?).

    Also patch view seems kind of well hidden. Why is it not in the home screen?

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Our View Patch tool does not currently have a front facing interface before the Browse dialog, but I'll add this to our wishlist as something to add for Open Clipboard support. This would also help us get it on the Home screen, which currently only displays Sessions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software


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      Sounds great. I'm looking forward to any improvements in the View Patch tool. We just upgraded all our licenses to BC4Pro mainly for that feature. Looks really nice so far, it's just a bit cumbersome to get there.

      Do you have a public ticket tracker where I could get notified on progress on that feature?


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        No, our tracker is internal and contains a fair bit of private information (customer example files, emails, etc). It's primarily a tool for the developers to gather as much information as possible, to best create the actionable To Do list items.
        Aaron P Scooter Software