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Text compare is excluding words

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  • Text compare is excluding words

    BC is doing something very strange with a .docx file. There are some words that exist in the file that I can see in MSWord but do not appear when opening the file in BC text compare.

    For example, the word "court" is present in the middle of a paragraph. I can see this in MSWord. The format of this word is the same as the rest of the paragraph. But the word "court" does not appear in the paragraph when the document is viewed in BC text compare. There is nothing (no character or white space) in its place.

    This is very strange and is resulting in lots of phantom differences when I compare the document with another.

    I've been using BC for years and have never seen anything like this before.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Which version of BC4 would you be running? We use a background conversion to open docx files as text files, and depending on the version you are using or any settings you have imported you may be using different methods to perform this step.

    One general solution would be to install the Word Extended format from our additional downloads page:
    This Extended version uses the current install of MS Word to perform the conversion.

    If you can email in a sample file with a screenshot showing the problem line, with line numbers enabled, we may be able to better track down why the default conversion was not working for you. Please also include your from the Help menu -> Support; Export. Our email is [email protected] and include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software